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February 12, 2018

For RNA-Seq, it has been challenging to distinguish PCR duplicates from biological duplicates. Ghost found a tool that tackles this and answer question:

  • In your RNA-Seq library, whether the duplicates primarily come from PCR duplicates or biological duplicates?

  • ...

November 23, 2017

Earlier I started a discussion regarding Duplicates issue in NGS. I later had some further thoughts about this topic and would like to mention it here. It is maybe trivial, but still interesting to think about it.

In the early article I mentioned the source of PCR dupli...

August 26, 2017

Figure below summarizes sources of some duplicate types:

Here Ghost gonna focus on the most common type: PCR duplicates and talk about how to treat them in several sequencing type data. 

Where PCR duplicates come from and why do we care?

They are introduced when the...

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